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Selene Choker | Selenite + SIlver Chain Necklace

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Selene, (Latin Luna) in Greek and Roman religion, is the personification of the moon as a goddess. She was worshipped at the new and full moons.  

Selenite, which takes its name from Selene, is a beautiful stone that captures the spirit and light of the moon.  It has a gentle purifying energy that cleanses and charges other stones and gives the wearer a feeling of peace and healing.

Made with:

-Three silver-capped Selenite pieces (1 - 2cm x 3.5cm piece, 2 - 1cm x 3.5cm pieces)
-13.5in stainless steel chain + 6.5in stainless steel drop chain

(Extender chain can be added for extra length. Just choose the option from the drop-down menu.  Default extender length will be 2 inches, but contact me if you would like it to be longer or shorter.)